Month: April 2022

Beauty Of Oasis: 5 Perfect Ways To Celebrate Your Event

Life can get hectic at the best of times, and it is only natural to want a break from all of it. This is why opting for a retreat in the form of an event can help. It can help rejuvenate your spirits and recharge your batteries. Even if it is a work-related event, going on a trip can be a welcome change. If you’re someone looking to hold an event, it can be pretty distressing to figure out where to go. After all, there are so many options to choose from. 

You’ll likely want a location that ticks all the boxes while being within your budget. Do you want to go to a greener place or somewhere sunnier? There is an option that satisfies both of these requirements. Oasis locations tend to be overlooked but are an excellent location for your events. There are several ways you can celebrate your events in an oasis location: 

1. Enjoying the view

Locations like The Barn provide an excellent location. With views which combine wild forests and wide open water. In a sense, you are getting a view that is the best of both worlds. This makes it excellent for various events that you may be looking to celebrate. A wedding at The Barn allows you to make the occasion of matrimony so much more beautiful. You will be able to enjoy the event in a more private place while enjoying stunning, scenic views. This means you will be able to get memorable wedding photos that will be with you for the rest of your life. The view is also great if you are looking for a break, such as a corporate retreat.



2. Having a unique indoor experience

The views at The Barn are amazing, but sometimes certain events aren’t appropriate for being held outside. The Barn has you sorted, with large windows and panoramic views you can appreciate all of the beauty of the great outdoors from inside your cosy retreat. These locations have full AC and heat facilities, enabling you to hold an event of any scale at any time of year. Whether it be wedding ceremonies, corporate retreats, team building sessions, or classes, you can hold these events indoors in an incredibly unique location. We are even equipped to deal with modern electronics, like a digital signage screen, which you may need for corporate events. 


3. Living in luxurious accommodations

It can be difficult for people who prefer indoors but still want to experience the outdoors to find a suitable retreat. After all, not everyone can dedicate all their time outside. This is why having accommodations with proper facilities can be essential for enjoying the outdoor experience. The Barn provides you with luxurious accommodation that allows you to experience unique aesthetics and characteristics. These accommodations are all available at our high-end luxury homes that you can rent for overnight stays. This is excellent for group retreats where many rooms are required and for weddings. For example, The Glass House is renowned for its design and views, which is why it was nominated for ‘House of the Year.’ 


4. Hiking in a private setting

Our venues allow you to hike in a remote location that is a lot more private than other hiking locations. Typically, popular hiking locations tend to have too many people, preventing a more intimate experience. Oases like The Barn allow you to hike in hills surrounding our private lake. This will enable you to enjoy our scenic views and walk through them away from the distraction and noise of other people. This makes it ideal for a corporate retreat or a vacation with friends and family. 


5. Relaxing in the water

Oasis locations are located with great views across lakes and open water, which is excellent for swimming and relaxing. The Barn houses up to 40 acres of land surrounded by a beautiful lake. You can even stay in houses which are secluded on an island within the lake for a truly secluded stay. Therefore, if you’re looking to relax in the water but want more greener views, opting for an oasis for your retreats is an excellent option. This also means you are getting gorgeous water views from all around. You can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy swimming in complete privacy. 


Finding a location for your events in the form of a retreat can be challenging. Oases are an excellent location by providing the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the scenic views that they provide while having a unique indoor area if you wish. Additionally, you can enjoy luxurious indoor accommodations while hiking in private locations and relaxing in the water. This ensures you can enjoy and celebrate events, like weddings, retreats and ceremonies.