5 Possible Issues To Be Aware Of When Planning A Wedding

January 09, 2020  •  3min read

Planning a wedding requires excellent management skills, resourcefulness and a lot of patience.

You have to find the perfect dress, arrange for catering services, make a guest list, select a suitable theme, and call the decorator. The entire setup requires tons of effort, and you need to stay within a budget too.

It's not going to be a smooth ride because wedding plans seldom go the way they are supposed to. We’ve outlined the five most common issues couples face while planning a wedding, and what they can do about them.

Who To Invite?

You can only invite so many people to your wedding. After all, you have a budget and if you don’t follow it, you will have to sacrifice other plans for your big day.

But everyone might not understand that. People may get offended for not being included in your guest list. While some may understand your predicament when you tell them you planned an intimate gathering, there will always be others who try to haggle an invite out of you.

That’s why when planning a wedding, keep a cushion for ‘emergency guests’. They are family after all, can you really say no to them?

Make sure you select a venue that has the capacity to hold a few extra people if necessary.

Unavailability Of Venues

The venues you like may not always be available. And if you find a place you love, it may be too expensive, unsuitable for the decorator or simply despised by your spouse-to-be. Research shows that finding the right venue is the most time-consuming activity when planning a wedding.

That’s why it is better to decide on a venue before you plan the theme, guest list, dates, and setting.

You could also completely forego the idea of renting a banquet hall or hotel, and instead go to your local nature reserve, ranch or park to say your ‘I dos’.

Selecting The Right Theme And Setting

Sometimes problems come up when you least expect them: the size and height of the stage might not be ideal, your favorite flowers are out of stock; the seating arrangement has the two fighting aunts sitting together.

A few things might be hard to fit in the budget – food and menu can put you in a dilemma.

Add to that the drama that ensues when your friends don’t have outfits to match the theme, and so on.

It can all become too exhaustive for one person to manage.

That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable event planner and decorator on your team. Make sure they see eye to eye and understand your vision for what should be the biggest day of your life.

Dates And Scheduling Conflicts

You finally set a date for your big day, and tell everyone you love about our upcoming nuptials.

It turns out, a cousin has their wedding anniversary on the same day, and some of your colleagues won’t be able to attend because they observe a religious holiday that day. It’s only courteous to move your dates and allow them to do what’s important for them. Make sure your plans don’t collide with events, exams, or occasions for any of your acquaintances.

The Last Word

Keep these issues in mind and plan ahead of time so you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

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