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Combine Your Wedding and Vacation Budget Into One on Smith Lake

Couples spend a lot of time planning the ideal wedding and honeymoon. After all, it is one day you remember for the rest of your life.

But a wedding and honeymoon getaway can burn a hole in your pocket, and overwhelm you with financial strain.

If you are planning on marrying anytime soon, you don’t need to worry! We have just the solution for a dream wedding and a cozy getaway.

Wouldn’t it be great if your wedding venue could also be your honeymoon destination? It will save you a lot of money and rid you of travel woes.

We’ll plan your perfect wedding and getaway at Smith Lake!

Your Wedding & Getaway Spot

The Barn Smith Lake offers both: A wedding venue and a private getaway with your better half!

You don’t have to deal with a wedding planner or put aside money for a honeymoon.

Plan both at the Smith Lake – and have the time of your life – with your partner.

Why Choose Smith Lake

The scenic beauty of the majestic blue lake makes for a romantic wedding story!

You can witness the beautiful sunset over the lake with the love of your life. Or plan the perfect wedding photoshoot surrounded by nature for some memorable pictures.

The Barn will take care of all your wedding arrangements so you do not have to worry about the guests or any last-minute checks.

From choosing a wedding theme to making sure the guests are taken care of — You would not have to worry about a thing on the big day. Our new Cottages are the perfect accommodation for your guests.

If the idea of your dream wedding involves a getaway with your partner – The Barn Smith Lake is the ideal location for a post-wedding getaway.

Why Plan Your Getaway At The Barn

Get on with your honeymoon right away after the wedding! You don’t have to pack your stuff and leave for another destination — when your wedding destination is your vacation spot.

You can spend quality time with your partner and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. With acres of private land and away from the bustling urban life, you can relax and wind down after the wedding.

Take in the serenity of the place and enjoy some real intimacy with your love!

You can also indulge in fun activities with your spouse like swimming, in the days after the wedding. Or play games with friends to have a good time.

While you two may share the sunset with the guests at the wedding, the sunrise can be for you two alone.

Happily Ever After …

A wedding venue doubling as a vacation spot can improve the quality of the overall experience — and rid you of extra arrangements and worry.

You can also plan accommodation for close friends and family. Don’t worry, with acres of private land at your disposal you can always sneak out for some alone time with your partner!

So get on with your honeymoon the moment your guests leave. Get in touch with us today to make your big day special!

Overcome Communication Barriers with a Corporate Retreat

Continuous work throughout the year can cause employees to get fed up at work, feeling trapped in a monotonous routine. A repetitive schedule and work stress can cause irritability among the most loyal of your workforce.

Additionally, all work and no play can impact interpersonal skills and employee relationships. This is where you need to plan a corporate retreat!

Why Should You Opt For A Corporate Retreat?

A corporate retreat for your employees provides an excellent way to snap out of everyday work hustle and refresh. It also provides quality time with their colleagues, allowing them to forge better relationships and increase intra-team connectivity.

Still not impressed? Let’s go over a few ways a corporate retreat helps overcome communication barriers among your employees:

Improves Teamwork

Let’s start with the most obvious (and influential) one. Employees often stop interacting with each other on a personal level and adopt a machine-like approach. Some burnout and get bitter due to the consistent workload.

The lack of teamwork can be remedied with a planned getaway for your employees. A corporate retreat can induce creativity among employees. It can loosen up team members, so they perform better at work once they are back.

A retreat can be a great team-building initiative. Unfortunately, only 20% of companies organize corporate retreats.

Be among the rare ones and use it to increase coordination and communication in your team. You will see the effects on your rejuvenated workforce almost immediately.

Relieves Stress And Prevents Employee Burnout

A break is all your employees need to perform their best. Allowing them to relieve stress can help lighten up the workplace and ensure better relationships.

Renting boats for them to ride around Smith Lake is a great idea to help them wind down.

Also, the water sports and indoor games at The Barn can be an ice-breaker for new friendships. Sometimes all you need is a break to start!

Offers Time With Colleagues – Minus The Workload!

Getting time away from the workplace can help employees form better relationships with each other.

It deepens the bond between team members and helps them understand each other — for the greater good of your business.

Employees who rarely talk to each other at work will get a chance to get to know their colleagues through a corporate retreat. Staff members from different departments can also network and learn about each other’s interests to make the workplace lively again.

A corporate retreat can improve the overall performance of a company — and what better place to do it than Smith Lake?

The Barn offers great packages for corporate retreats. Your employees will be surrounded by nature and will get the much-needed downtime they deserve.

Get A Breath Of Fresh Air At Smith Lake

After spending a significant portion of the day packed in an office, it is refreshing to step out of the usual routine. A corporate retreat can serve as a great change and revive the work spirit among coworkers.

A spot close to nature is probably your best bet! The Barn Smith Lake is an ideal location to rejuvenate your mind. It offers luxury accommodation with a sublime view of nature all around. Clean air and a serene environment is sure to make everyone feel fresh and prepare for daunting challenges at the workplace ahead.

It will allow everyone to loosen up and start afresh with more vigor than ever before. The Barn Smith Lake is one of the best places to check out. Get in touch with us for the ultimate corporate retreat!

Rekindle Passion For Work, Plan The Perfect Corporate Retreat

When you think of corporate retreats, chances are the thought of trust falls already has you second-guessing the idea. But switching things up with a corporate retreat will re-energize your team and create a renewed sense of passion.

So let’s delve in go over some of the known benefits of company retreats and how it can rekindle y9our team’s passion for work.

How A Corporate Retreat Inspires Passion

Get your employees out of the office and give your team an unforgettable experience with a corporate retreat.

Treat them with breathtaking lake views and hikes on private acreage — when your corporate strategy or product releases.

Boosts Morale

Low morale makes workers sluggish and decreases productivity. Working for extended periods of time so that they can meet a deadline, your employees might have forgotten the more pleasant aspects of their jobs.

This can easily be reversed with a change in perspective. Company retreats remove workers from their day-to-day work environment. They inspire them to start taking pride in their work again.

Helps Employees Overcome Their Fears

Acrophobia probably isn’t a daily issue — unless you work in construction!

Both employees and employers can create a safe space to talk about their fears and stress triggers. It helps devise a plan of action to tackle such vices and prepares the company for the worst scenarios.

Encourages Workforce To Work Toward A Common Goal

When running a growing company, research shows silos mentality can be dangerous, quickly creating barriers that hinder cooperation. Each department has different perceptions that need to be aligned.

To help break down barriers, one can ask teams from different departments to create a marketing strategy. This forces each department to think outside the box and realize the perceptions of other team members.

Challenging employees from various departments to collaborate can improve their skill set and help adopt a different mindset.

Venues like The Barn and The Glass House offer modern innovations prevalent in today’s corporate world, allowing you to create scenarios with ease.

With its high-speed Internet, projection TVs, and luxury accommodations, it is the perfect place to boost team morale and offer an unforgettable experience.

Reveals Hidden Talents

Company retreats reveal the dark secrets your employees have been hiding. We’re kidding!

That doesn’t mean you can’t uncover their talents. An executive can also be an incredible chef, or a developer could be an accomplished musician.

Getting away from the daily grind lets team members unwind and discover more about one another. Inevitably, it will make them eager to work with each other.

Brings The Team Together

Spending a couple of days away with your coworkers can bring you so much closer. A team that acts like a family has better communication and appreciation for one another. This also leads to increased productivity at the workplace once they are back.

A tight-knit environment also filters into interactions with customers, which can make them feel like a part of the team.

In a recent survey, CFOs were asked if their companies offered corporate retreats, sadly only 20% said they did.

Key Considerations

Define a reasonable agenda that doesn’t overload your employees with work during the retreat. The laidback atmosphere of a corporate retreat can foster effective brainstorming for new strategies and innovations.

After all, the goal is to stimulate productivity by getting your employees to relax and reconnect. So try not to engage them in too many corporate activities before the retreat.

Outdoor locations are a popular option for anyone planning a retreat. If you find yourself nearby, nothing beats the serenity and rustic beauty of The Barn Smith Lake. It can house 75 guests across its five houses.

So plan your corporate retreat today and rekindle the passion for work that has gone missing lately!

Say Your Vows And Enjoy A Wedding Retreat At The Barn Smith Lake

Before we get into specifics, if you’ve made it here, compliments are in order!

You’ve met your soulmate and want to start a new life. After all, it is a momentous occasion — and the perfect location can make (or break) the event!

The city’s hubbub is often too chaotic for something meant to feel like a fairytale come true. When you think of a ‘wedding retreat,’ you often imagine a lush green venue, one that embodies the serenity of nature and has an atmosphere of love.

You might wonder where to find such a place. Luckily we want to help out and make your search a tad bit easier.

The Barn Smith Lake in Bremen, Alabama is the perfect location for a wedding or a semi-formal gathering.

The lake’s two venues – The Barn and The Glass House – both offer attractive setups to fit your aesthetics — for the big day!

The Glass House

The property has three picturesque lounge areas where you can entertain guests. The front yard of the property is ideal for a wedding ceremony.

The house rests on a small peninsula surrounded by water. It has a glass-enclosed living room, five bedrooms, and four and a half bathrooms.

Better yet, the house has a suite for newlyweds — should you and your partner decide to sneak off.

The venue can host 40 people, and if you have guests flying in, you can opt for overnight accommodation. It is a perfect venue for an intimate wedding retreat with your closest friends and family.

The Barn

If you are planning a pompous gathering with many guests — The Barn is the place to choose. Both indoor and outdoor facilities have air conditioning and heat. The Barn is often booked as a wedding retreat by newlyweds.

It has a special suite for the couple, five-bathroom stalls, and a main hall that looks over the popular ‘Cocktail Cove’ at Smith Lake.

With a large outdoor area for ceremonies or luncheons, the property can comfortably hold over 250 guests and host 60 overnight in its five cottages.

Why Choose Smith Lake?

Pictures You Will Cherish

With exquisite décor, Smith Lake literally is the picture-perfect (pun intended) venue to celebrate the event and make memories with the love of your life.

Smith Lake’s scenic beauty makes for a Pinterest-worthy wedding shoot outdoors! So you won’t have to worry about how the pictures will come out.

It Is Modern Yet In The Midst Of Nature

The Barn Smith Lake is famous for its scenic views and the comfort it offers. The houses are newly built and have a dock — if you decide to go into the waters for some quality time with your partner.

You Come First

The Barn Smith Lake only hosts a single group of guests at a time to make sure they enjoy the celebration to the fullest with family and friends, and have a majestic wedding.

Lake-side resorts like The Barn are an ideal venue for your perfect wedding retreat. The breathtaking sunset and vast living space will make your wedding retreat memorable.

So get ready to say your vows on Smith Lake and celebrate each other. Let us help make memories that you and your spouse will cherish for a lifetime!

Benefits Of A Corporate Retreat To Boost Team Morale

Did you know that on average, Americans put in 1,780 hours of work per annum? This means that as a nation, we work 424 hours more than Germany, 266 hours more than the UK, and 70 hours more than Japan.

So it’s no surprise that 51% of U.S. workers report that they are mentally checked-out and work-related stress leads to 120,000 deaths per annum in the country.

It’s time to take a breather – relax, unwind and chill out!

Businesses are increasingly investing in corporate retreats to help employees work and network in more laid back settings. They now understand the importance of fostering the perfect atmosphere to relax, rejuvenate, strategize and gain a fresh perspective.

Corporate retreats enhance cohesiveness and boost confidence – you will see an efficient workforce and a boost in productivity after every corporate getaway.

Boost Your Team’s Morale

The average workday is filled with difficulties, and what makes it worse is that unforeseen circumstances creep up when least expected.

So it does not come as a surprise that employees tend to lose sight of what attracted them to their jobs and positions in the first place.

Remind them!

Hosting corporate retreats with fun-filled activities are opportunities for people get to know their colleagues and help reconnect disengaged employees.

Here are some of the many benefits of corporate retreats to boost team morale.

They Improve Employee Relationships

Better communication is encouraged in such events, which in turn increases trust between employees.

Remember, 83% of employees believe that knowing their coworkers at a deeper level will make them a more engaged and efficient team member.

Significant Reduction In Stress

Undue stress can adversely affect productivity and efficiency – and a corporate retreat can help.

The fact is, even though such retreats help your staff members learn, network and grow professionally, some time away from the office also allows them to rejuvenate.

Employees Feel Appreciated

A lack of proper feedback and much-needed recognition will lead to employees feeling disengaged – in fact, leaders who recognize small wins see an 83% augmentation in engagement.

A corporate retreat presents the perfect opportunity for superiors to have honest one-to-one conversations with their subordinates.

This one-on-one connection will help your employees feel like they are a part of the team. Their morale will be at an all-time high – they will feel more involved, valued, and connected.

Perfect Opportunity To Learn New Skills

They get a chance to learn new skills, or they might be introduced to new talents that will help them climb the corporate ladder.

Team-based activities will highlight natural born leaders, and at the same time, some employees may learn the dos and don’ts of becoming a good manager.

The Last Word

All in all, regardless of how big or small your company is – you will benefit tremendously by hosting a corporate retreat.

Now only will you boost employee morale, but you will also see a consequent improvement in productivity, sales and customer service.

The Barn Smith Lake is an ideal venue that will surpass all your expectations. It is large enough to accommodate your entire workforce across all departments and branches.

On the other hand, if you want a small, intimate affair with only 50 of your top performers that can be arranged too.

As one of Alabama’s most picturesque venues, the Barn Smith Lake offers all modern amenities, including high-speed internet. You can even count on us to cater the event to ensure that your corporate retreat is a raging success.

Email us at [email protected] to learn more about our event coordination services or visit our website for details.

Get To Know New Team Members With A Corporate Event

Behind every leader is a dedicated and supportive team that turns an organization’s corporate vision into reality.

Practical and powerful leaders take pride in knowing each team member on a personal level – this information guides the creation of efficient strategies.

However, it can be challenging to reach out to everyone and discover their strengths, talents, and shortcomings.

Did you know that you can see 50% better communication patterns at the office if there is social interaction off-site?

So why not get to know your people in a comfortable setting away from work, where no one is bogged down by work stressors, and everyone can be their real selves?

Corporate Events Are Ice Breakers

When somebody is new to the corporation, team, or assignment, it is essential to make them feel welcome and at ease.

Onboarding a new member can be an intricate process because it takes time for employees to get to know and understand each other so they can work cohesively.

Some born leaders are quite comfortable in handling such scenarios; however, it can be a challenge for many. This is where corporate events come in to play – they provide a platform to mingle with coworkers outside of a corporate setting.

These settings give you a chance to go beyond “hi, how are you?” to “what’s new?” “How do you feel?” “What needs to be improved?” etc.

Employees Feel At Ease

72% of employees state that one-to-one conversation with their superiors or direct manager is an essential part of the onboarding process.

This becomes possible at corporate events – regardless of the role or positions, everyone casually chit-chats or indulges in playful team-building activities.

Additionally, new team members are more likely to lower their guard and be more open about their personal goals and aspirations.

Discover Hidden Talents

No doubt, a resume highlights an employee’s strong suits and merits – but it has little to no information on the life skills they’ve gained throughout employment.

The activities planned at corporate retreats can give managers and leaders essential insights into what their people are capable of. Use this info to build better teams and play to their strengths.

Chances are you may discover a gem – someone who can be nurtured to become an irreplaceable asset.

Key Take Away

A well-defined corporate event will not only lead to better introductions, but it will also ensure better employee retention.

The bottom line is that a team does well if all members work to their full potential and managers need to know them on professional as well as personal levels to ensure that’s the case.

A corporate event can ease the pressure and provide a nurturing environment where people can unwind and get an in-depth understanding of the bigger picture.

If your business is in Alabama, Mississippi, or Georgia, The Barn Smith Lake is a driveable distance with facilities that offer everything you need to create an unforgettable experience for your staff and leaders.

To learn more, get in touch!

Just Got Engaged? Here’s What You Should Do Next!

An engagement can be an emotional rollercoaster. No matter the place or background, when there’s a ring involved, there’s a surge of nervousness, anxiety, excitement, and a plethora of emotions words can’t even describe!

These rare moments leave a significant impact on your life. They are memorable and they stay with you for a lifetime.

Making them an experience you’d love to recall is something most people stress over.

So what do you do after getting engaged?

Arrange An Intimate Celebration

Have a post-engagement ceremony with your to-be spouse, close friends, and family. Book a beautiful venue, arrange for some fun activities and let go of the stress.

Don’t forget to call in a photographer to capture all the special memories you’ll make with your close friends and loved ones by your side.

This celebration can serve as an opportunity to connect with the important people in your life on a deeper level. Have heart-to-heart talks with your in-laws to be. Try and understand their goals and vision and don’t forget to share your feelings as well.

Plan Your Dream Wedding

The process of planning a wedding can turn you into a ball of stress, ready to explode at any moment. Everything needs to be just perfect. You want your wedding to be no ordinary experience – you have to choose the ideal wedding venue and also make sure that the caterers and decorators do an exceptional job.

One of the ways you can do escape the stress is by having a destination wedding. Pick a place that’s romantic and worth seeing, like The Barn Smith Lake.

Union with the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with – and a serene location that’s replete with absolutely beautiful, breathtaking sceneries.

Wholesome, isn’t it?

Don’t Hold Back

Most of us fantasize about a fairytale wedding.

Why not make those fantasies real?

If you imagined yourself riding a horse with your spouse; by all means, do it and take a ride in the woods. If you wanted to play in the meadows with fairy dust around you, go ahead! Book a place like that and throw some eco-friendly glitter around.

If you imagined rivers and lakes to be a part of your wedding, contact The Barn Smith Lake. They’ll set up all the flowers and may even let you swing on a vine. Live it up!

You’ll have great photos to show your kids, so they know what a good wedding looks like.

The Last Word

Remember that it is your day. Not your friends’, not your family’s, not anyone else’s.

So do what you want regardless of what anyone thinks. It sure is nice to give them a good experience, but do not compromise on your dreams.

Let us help you make your wedding special. Contact The Barn Smith Lake or call us at +1 205-566-8516.

5 Possible Issues To Be Aware Of When Planning A Wedding

Planning a wedding requires excellent management skills, resourcefulness and a lot of patience.

You have to find the perfect dress, arrange for catering services, make a guest list, select a suitable theme, and call the decorator. The entire setup requires tons of effort, and you need to stay within a budget too.

It’s not going to be a smooth ride because wedding plans seldom go the way they are supposed to. We’ve outlined the five most common issues couples face while planning a wedding, and what they can do about them.

Who To Invite?

You can only invite so many people to your wedding. After all, you have a budget and if you don’t follow it, you will have to sacrifice other plans for your big day.

But everyone might not understand that. People may get offended for not being included in your guest list. While some may understand your predicament when you tell them you planned an intimate gathering, there will always be others who try to haggle an invite out of you.

That’s why when planning a wedding, keep a cushion for ‘emergency guests’. They are family after all, can you really say no to them?

Make sure you select a venue that has the capacity to hold a few extra people if necessary.

Unavailability Of Venues

The venues you like may not always be available. And if you find a place you love, it may be too expensive, unsuitable for the decorator or simply despised by your spouse-to-be.

Research shows that finding the right venue is the most time-consuming activity when planning a wedding.

That’s why it is better to decide on a venue before you plan the theme, guest list, dates, and setting.

You could also completely forego the idea of renting a banquet hall or hotel, and instead go to your local nature reserve, ranch or park to say your ‘I dos’.

Selecting The Right Theme And Setting

Sometimes problems come up when you least expect them: the size and height of the stage might not be ideal, your favorite flowers are out of stock; the seating arrangement has the two fighting aunts sitting together.

A few things might be hard to fit in the budget – food and menu can put you in a dilemma.

Add to that the drama that ensues when your friends don’t have outfits to match the theme, and so on.

It can all become too exhaustive for one person to manage.

That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable event planner and decorator on your team. Make sure they see eye to eye and understand your vision for what should be the biggest day of your life.

Dates And Scheduling Conflicts

You finally set a date for your big day, and tell everyone you love about our upcoming nuptials.

It turns out, a cousin has their wedding anniversary on the same day, and some of your colleagues won’t be able to attend because they observe a religious holiday that day.

It’s only courteous to move your dates and allow them to do what’s important for them.

Make sure your plans don’t collide with events, exams, or occasions for any of your acquaintances.

The Last Word

Keep these issues in mind and plan ahead of time so you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

Call The Barn Smith at +1 205 566 8516, so you can take one thing off that list and never have to worry about the availability of the venue.

The Barn Smith Lake offers an excellent venue for destination weddings and celebrations. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or explore our website to get to know us better!

Tips For Planning A Corporate Retreat

People work together in an organization for years, but they only manage to build everlasting bonds when they regularly participate in offsite retreats.

Additionally, such trips and recreational activities indicate that you care about your employees even outside of work; this goes a long way in reducing turnover and ensures their long-term commitment. And research shows that happy employees are up to 12% more productive in the workplace.

Here are some tips to help you plan the perfect corporate retreat where everyone will find balance, learn new perspectives, and evolve together into a formidable team.

Understand Why You Need The Retreat

Before you start planning a retreat, know the motivation behind it.

Does your team need a morale boost, is a new brainstorming session required, or does your business need an injection of new skills?

The goal of your retreat is the foundation for all other variables for setting up the perfect corporate getaway.

Identify The Goals And Objectives For All Attendees

Company retreats are the best time to address and eliminate any issues you may be having with your team. But despite that, many companies fail to reap the full benefits because planners don’t put in the effort required to create a pre-determined agenda for the event.

It’s important to divide the goals into attainable objectives and then plan the retreat around them. For instance, if your goal is to build a more cohesive team, then your games, activities, and even travel experience, should make sure that happens.

Similarly, if the retreat has been planned to develop a product or brainstorm about a service, then the meetings, workshops, and conferences should be designed with this in mind.

Don’t Lose Your Focus

A common way to fail the objectives of the retreat is to expect too much, too soon from the team.

No matter how much you have planned or how good the team is, there is a limit to what they can accomplish during a few days or even weeks of a retreat.

Just stay focused on your goals and make sure your agenda is followed for maximum impact.

Make Sure The Bosses Are There

The presence of executives is significant for the success of your corporate retreat.

This serves to encourage more people to turn up for the event and they get to connect with their bosses outside of the work environment. It also creates a sense of harmony and encourages everyone to learn more about each other.

Find The Perfect Location For Your Retreat

Your colleagues have their own ideas about what a company retreat should look like; some prefer the serene surroundings of lakeside resorts while others want to fly all the way to Europe!

It all depends on the objectives of the corporate retreat and your budget – but it’s also a good idea to ask them for suggestions and consider the majority of responses. Other limitations, such as the size of your team, also have an impact on your selection of the location. A smaller group can be accommodated in hotels easily, but you’ll need a bigger venue with plenty of open space to create a stellar retreat experience for bigger teams.

The weather conditions should also be appropriate at the venue to ensure that any outdoor activities go ahead as planned. On the other hand, many companies choose sites with weather that’s opposite of their actual location, all in an effort to kick start an enlightening change for the attendees.

Plan Transportation And Accommodation

By now, you should know the number of people going to the retreat.

If your venue doesn’t offer onsite accommodation, book a nearby hotel in advance and also acquire the services of a transport company to carry people to and from the venue, hotel, tourist spots, and the airport.

Get the Menu Right

Ask your selected venue if they can cater to the corporate retreat and get their menu to decide whether it’s a good idea or not. You could also have the event serviced by a catering company or dine at the hotel you are staying at.

The Last Word

Outdoor locations are a very popular option for anyone planning a retreat and there is a perfect reason for that; research shows that natural settings can significantly improve an employee’s performance at work.

If you are in or around Alabama, nothing beats the tranquility and natural beauty of The Barn Smith Lake in Bremen, AL.

Just call and schedule your arrival and we will take of everything from accommodation to catering and more! Get in touch with our team here.

How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

If you are starting your wedding planning journey as a newly engaged couple, first of all, congratulations on this beautiful new chapter in life.

There’s a bigger day coming though. One that would need a lot of planning and deliberation to ensure that everything is perfectly organized to help you achieve your vision of a dream wedding. And while every decision, no matter how small, plays a crucial role in crafting the biggest day of your life, none come close in importance to deciding on the venue of your wedding ceremony.

And don’t worry, because we are here to help you choose the right venue for your dream wedding.

Would a traditional church ceremony better suit you or are you looking for a marquee reception? Are country barns more your thing or does a romantic lakeside wedding feel right to you? There are endless possibilities and our top tips will help you make the selection process a little easier.

Here are a few questions you need to ask about each venue and all the details you need to consider before deciding on one.

Does It Align With Your Wedding Vision?

If you want a modern city-chic wedding, consider art galleries and restaurants with contemporary décor or even warehouses.

On the other side, if you want to incorporate elements of nature into your special day, then outdoor venues such as ranches, lake-side resorts, and ranches should work well for you.

So when presented with a choice, only look at it if it aligns with your dreams and goals for the perfect wedding. Otherwise, move on!

Will Your Guests Be Comfortable Here?

First of all, figure out how many people will be invited to the wedding from both the bride and groom’s side. Then, look for a wedding venue that’s big enough to accommodate all of them to save yourself from a lot of heartache and headache later on.

Unfortunately, couples often underestimate how many people they’ll invite, then their parents add to the list as well, the siblings want their friends invited too – before you know it, there’s a tough situation at hand. Don’t make this mistake and be sure how many guests are coming before you book a venue.

What’s Your Budget?

Americans spend $22,000 on average on a traditional wedding ceremony; this not only includes rental for the venue, but also vendor payments for décor, flowers, catering, etc.

Take all these factors into consideration when deciding on a venue and scale back the added costs or look for affordable spaces to ensure that the entire event falls within your budget. It might also be a good idea to prioritize vendor costs because people remember the food and décor long after the event.

If you do select the venue first, ask them if they would be interested in including catering and décor into your package. You can also work with a local planner to find good deals on such details.

How Far Is The Venue?

If out-of-town guests are invited, look for a venue that offers overnight accommodations or at least one that has a hotel nearby.

Ask the venue management how many people can fit in the room comfortably and what they are allowed to do in accordance with the fire safety code. For example, will your guests have catering or is there a kitchen where they can cook?

Does Your Venue Allow You To Stay True To Yourselves?

Most couples choose venues based on images they see online, even though it’s not really their style.

It is essential to be authentic as a couple when creating your wedding vision, so you can plan a day that encompasses all your dreams. Choose a space and décor that truly represents you, as a couple, in love.

Finally, remember that a venue may look gorgeous in a theme or design scheme, but if it’s not the perfect canvas for your love, then it’s not all that amazing.

The Last Word

There are plenty of exclusive venues to attract your attention in and around Alabama, but one stands out from the crowd: The Barn Smith Lake at Bremen, Alabama.

It’s an excellent choice for anyone planning a formal(ish) dinner wedding, but doesn’t want all the decorum of a hotel. You’ll have two options – a barn-style wedding or a glasshouse wedding, and each offers something truly wonderful and unique.

Additionally, the Barn Smith Lake hosts one group of guests at a time so you can have the intimacy of a private event at a grand venue. The location is to die for; with picturesque sunsets that make for a great photo op.

You can learn more here or contact them today.