Combine Your Wedding and Vacation Budget Into One on Smith Lake

May 10, 2020  •  2 min read

Couples spend a lot of time planning the ideal wedding and honeymoon. After all, it is one day you remember for the rest of your life.

But a wedding and honeymoon getaway can burn a hole in your pocket, and overwhelm you with financial strain.

If you are planning on marrying anytime soon, you don’t need to worry! We have just the solution for a dream wedding and a cozy getaway.

Wouldn’t it be great if your wedding venue could also be your honeymoon destination? It will save you a lot of money and rid you of travel woes.

We'll plan your perfect wedding and getaway at Smith Lake!

Your Wedding & Getaway Spot

The Barn Smith Lake offers both: A wedding venue and a private getaway with your better half!

You don’t have to deal with a wedding planner or put aside money for a honeymoon.

Plan both at the Smith Lake – and have the time of your life – with your partner.

Why Choose Smith Lake

The scenic beauty of the majestic blue lake makes for a romantic wedding story!

You can witness the beautiful sunset over the lake with the love of your life. Or plan the perfect wedding photoshoot surrounded by nature for some memorable pictures.

The Barn will take care of all your wedding arrangements so you do not have to worry about the guests or any last-minute checks.

From choosing a wedding theme to making sure the guests are taken care of — You would not have to worry about a thing on the big day. Our new Cottages are the perfect accommodation for your guests.

If the idea of your dream wedding involves a getaway with your partner – The Barn Smith Lake is the ideal location for a post-wedding getaway.

Why Plan Your Getaway At The Barn

Get on with your honeymoon right away after the wedding! You don’t have to pack your stuff and leave for another destination — when your wedding destination is your vacation spot.

You can spend quality time with your partner and enjoy the natural beauty of the place. With acres of private land and away from the bustling urban life, you can relax and wind down after the wedding.

Take in the serenity of the place and enjoy some real intimacy with your love!

You can also indulge in fun activities with your spouse like swimming, in the days after the wedding. Or play games with friends to have a good time.

While you two may share the sunset with the guests at the wedding, the sunrise can be for you two alone.

Happily Ever After ...

A wedding venue doubling as a vacation spot can improve the quality of the overall experience — and rid you of extra arrangements and worry.

You can also plan accommodation for close friends and family. Don’t worry, with acres of private land at your disposal you can always sneak out for some alone time with your partner!

So get on with your honeymoon the moment your guests leave. Get in touch with us today to make your big day special!

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