Just Got Engaged? Here’s What You Should Do Next!

January 23, 2020  •  2 min read

An engagement can be an emotional rollercoaster. No matter the place or background, when there’s a ring involved, there’s a surge of nervousness, anxiety, excitement, and a plethora of emotions words can’t even describe!

These rare moments leave a significant impact on your life. They are memorable and they stay with you for a lifetime.

Making them an experience you’d love to recall is something most people stress over. So what do you do after getting engaged?

Arrange An Intimate Celebration

Have a post-engagement ceremony with your to-be spouse, close friends, and family. Book a beautiful venue, arrange for some fun activities and let go of the stress.

Don’t forget to call in a photographer to capture all the special memories you’ll make with your close friends and loved ones by your side.

This celebration can serve as an opportunity to connect with the important people in your life on a deeper level. Have heart-to-heart talks with your in-laws to be. Try and understand their goals and vision and don’t forget to share your feelings as well.

Plan Your Dream Wedding

The process of planning a wedding can turn you into a ball of stress, ready to explode at any moment. Everything needs to be just perfect. You want your wedding to be no ordinary experience – you have to choose the ideal wedding venue and also make sure that the caterers and decorators do an exceptional job.

One of the ways you can do escape the stress is by having a destination wedding. Pick a place that’s romantic and worth seeing, like The Barn Smith Lake.

Union with the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with – and a serene location that’s replete with absolutely beautiful, breathtaking sceneries.

Wholesome, isn’t it?

Don’t Hold Back

Most of us fantasize about a fairytale wedding.

Why not make those fantasies real?

If you imagined yourself riding a horse with your spouse; by all means, do it and take a ride in the woods. If you wanted to play in the meadows with fairy dust around you, go ahead! Book a place like that and throw some eco-friendly glitter around.

If you imagined rivers and lakes to be a part of your wedding, contact The Barn Smith Lake. They’ll set up all the flowers and may even let you swing on a vine. Live it up! You’ll have great photos to show your kids, so they know what a good wedding looks like.

The Last Word

Remember that it is your day. Not your friends’, not your family’s, not anyone else’s. So do what you want regardless of what anyone thinks. It sure is nice to give them a good experience, but do not compromise on your dreams.

Let us help you make your wedding special. Contact The Barn Smith Lake or call us at +1 205-566-8516.


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