Rekindle Passion For Work, Plan The Perfect Corporate Retreat

March 20, 2020  •   3 min read

When you think of corporate retreats, chances are the thought of trust falls already has you second-guessing the idea. But switching things up with a corporate retreat will re-energize your team and create a renewed sense of passion.

So let’s delve in go over some of the known benefits of company retreats and how it can rekindle y9our team’s passion for work.

How A Corporate Retreat Inspires Passion

Get your employees out of the office and give your team an unforgettable experience with a corporate retreat.

Treat them with breathtaking lake views and hikes on private acreage — when your corporate strategy or product releases.

Boosts Morale

Low morale makes workers sluggish and decreases productivity. Working for extended periods of time so that they can meet a deadline, your employees might have forgotten the more pleasant aspects of their jobs.

This can easily be reversed with a change in perspective. Company retreats remove workers from their day-to-day work environment. They inspire them to start taking pride in their work again.

Helps Employees Overcome Their Fears

Acrophobia probably isn’t a daily issue — unless you work in construction! Both employees and employers can create a safe space to talk about their fears and stress triggers. It helps devise a plan of action to tackle such vices and prepares the company for the worst scenarios.

Encourages Workforce To Work Toward A Common Goal

When running a growing company, research shows silos mentality can be dangerous, quickly creating barriers that hinder cooperation. Each department has different perceptions that need to be aligned.

To help break down barriers, one can ask teams from different departments to create a marketing strategy. This forces each department to think outside the box and realize the perceptions of other team members.

Challenging employees from various departments to collaborate can improve their skill set and help adopt a different mindset.

Venues like The Barn and The Glass House offer modern innovations prevalent in today’s corporate world, allowing you to create scenarios with ease.

With its high-speed Internet, projection TVs, and luxury accommodations, it is the perfect place to boost team morale and offer an unforgettable experience.

Reveals Hidden Talents

Company retreats reveal the dark secrets your employees have been hiding. We’re kidding!

That doesn’t mean you can’t uncover their talents. An executive can also be an incredible chef, or a developer could be an accomplished musician.

Getting away from the daily grind lets team members unwind and discover more about one another. Inevitably, it will make them eager to work with each other.

Brings The Team Together

Spending a couple of days away with your coworkers can bring you so much closer. A team that acts like a family has better communication and appreciation for one another. This also leads to increased productivity at the workplace once they are back.

A tight-knit environment also filters into interactions with customers, which can make them feel like a part of the team.

In a recent survey, CFOs were asked if their companies offered corporate retreats, sadly only 20% said they did.

Key Considerations

Define a reasonable agenda that doesn’t overload your employees with work during the retreat. The laidback atmosphere of a corporate retreat can foster effective brainstorming for new strategies and innovations.

After all, the goal is to stimulate productivity by getting your employees to relax and reconnect. So try not to engage them in too many corporate activities before the retreat. Outdoor locations are a popular option for anyone planning a retreat. If you find yourself nearby, nothing beats the serenity and rustic beauty of The Barn Smith Lake. It can house 75 guests across its five houses.

So plan your corporate retreat today and rekindle the passion for work that has gone missing lately!

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