Say Your Vows And Enjoy A Wedding Retreat At The Barn Smith Lake

March 06, 2020  •  2 min read

Before we get into specifics, if you’ve made it here, compliments are in order!

You’ve met your soulmate and want to start a new life. After all, it is a momentous occasion — and the perfect location can make (or break) the event!

The city’s hubbub is often too chaotic for something meant to feel like a fairytale come true. When you think of a ‘wedding retreat,’ you often imagine a lush green venue, one that embodies the serenity of nature and has an atmosphere of love.

You might wonder where to find such a place. Luckily we want to help out and make your search a tad bit easier.

The Barn Smith Lake in Bremen, Alabama is the perfect location for a wedding or a semi-formal gathering.

The lake’s two venues – The Barn and The Glass House – both offer attractive setups to fit your aesthetics — for the big day!

The Glass House

The property has three picturesque lounge areas where you can entertain guests. The front yard of the property is ideal for a wedding ceremony.

The house rests on a small peninsula surrounded by water. It has a glass-enclosed living room, five bedrooms, and four and a half bathrooms.

Better yet, the house has a suite for newlyweds — should you and your partner decide to sneak off.

The venue can host 40 people, and if you have guests flying in, you can opt for overnight accommodation. It is a perfect venue for an intimate wedding retreat with your closest friends and family.

The Barn

If you are planning a pompous gathering with many guests — The Barn is the place to choose. Both indoor and outdoor facilities have air conditioning and heat. The Barn is often booked as a wedding retreat by newlyweds.

It has a special suite for the couple, five-bathroom stalls, and a main hall that looks over the popular ‘Cocktail Cove’ at Smith Lake.

With a large outdoor area for ceremonies or luncheons, the property can comfortably hold over 250 guests and host 60 overnight in its five cottages.

Why Choose Smith Lake?

Pictures You Will Cherish

With exquisite décor, Smith Lake literally is the picture-perfect (pun intended) venue to celebrate the event and make memories with the love of your life.

Smith Lake’s scenic beauty makes for a Pinterest-worthy wedding shoot outdoors! So you won’t have to worry about how the pictures will come out.

It Is Modern Yet In The Midst Of Nature

The Barn Smith Lake is famous for its scenic views and the comfort it offers. The houses are newly built and have a dock — if you decide to go into the waters for some quality time with your partner.

You Come First

The Barn Smith Lake only hosts a single group of guests at a time to make sure they enjoy the celebration to the fullest with family and friends, and have a majestic wedding.

Lake-side resorts like The Barn are an ideal venue for your perfect wedding retreat. The breathtaking sunset and vast living space will make your wedding retreat memorable. So get ready to say your vows on Smith Lake and celebrate each other. Let us help make memories that you and your spouse will cherish for a lifetime!

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